SIDA Regional Baseline TOR – Moldova

1. Background   

Save the Children is the world's leading independent organization for children. We work in around 120 countries to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Save the Children in Kosova/o (SCiK) works on direct interventions and the establishment of good practices, capacity building of civil society and local duty bearers to respond to the needs of children. We also advocate for legislation and policies that will incorporate inclusive practices and have appropriate financial mechanisms to support systemic responses and therefore achieve long lasting positive changes for all children.

The project “Regional CSO Strengthening 2017-2021”, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) is a regional replication of its sister project in Kosovo, which aims ensuring children's protection through establishment of responsive Child Protection (CP) systems and supporting Child Rights Governance (CRG) systems and mechanisms to be put in place regionally, namely in Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia and Macedonia. These efforts are mirrored in the main project objectives:

  • 1: Children are protected by a responsive child protection system, supported by a strong legislation.
  • 2: Systems, structures and mechanisms for implementing children´s rights are in place in program countries and governments are including CSOs’ and children’s’ voices in these processes.

2. Scope of the Assignment

2.1 Overall Objective of the Assignment

SCiK as part of its project “Regional CSO Strengthening 2017-2021”, is seeking the services of an independent consultant/ research company to carry out a baseline study on 4 project indicators of project partner Child Rights Information Centre (CRIC) in Chisinau, Moldova. The objective of this study is to gather relevant data described under the Section 2.2 against which to monitor and assess the progress and effectiveness of the project during implementation and after the project is completed. 

2.2 Specific Objectives of the Assignment

In partner locations, that are to be specified with our implementing partner in Moldova, Child Rights Information Centre (CRIC), the independent consultant/ research company is expected to cover the following indicator measurements





Number of child participation practices in organization’s activities and processes (as part of all processes)

Identify the number of activities and processes of the organization that apply child participation practices against the number of total activities and practices of the organization.


Occasions where CSOs have supported each other in developing organizational and  thematic capacities

Collect (interview) and compare (reports) data from the organization and identify the occasions of organizational collaboration and support of partner organization of the project with each other, as well as external collaborations in developing organizational and thematic capacities of non-project organizations.


Number of reported cases of violence to mandated institutions by children and citizens

Perform desk research to identify this information on country level (Moldova) of partner CRIC.


Percentage of use of violence in targeted schools

Collect data through standard questionnaire in partner’s target schools and perform data analysis of said data and report the result expressed as a percentage. The percentage change will be assessed at next comparative assessment -  not subject to this consultancy. Sample size per target school is n=30.Tool to be provided by SCiK.


3. Expected Deliverables

3.1 The required outputs of this consultancy will be a baseline report as well as associated documents:

  1. Cover page
  2. Table of contents
  3. List of abbreviations and acronyms
  4. An executive summary (max. 2 pages). This should be able to be used as a document in its own right. It should include the project objectives and key findings of the baseline study.
  5. Methodology including justification of the methods and techniques used (including relevant underlying assumptions, secondary data analysis, and if applicable international standards and indexes used).
  6. Key findings and analysis, including visual representation of findings, chaptered by each of the four indicators.
  7. Key policy recommendations and implications of findings chaptered by each of the four indicators (approx. 2 pages in total).
  8. List of References
  9. Annexes including datasets (in conversions of Excel and SPSS files), surveys and/or administered questionnaires for storage, a copy of a power point presentation of key findings and recommendations, chaptered by each of the four indicators as well as other related tools and documentation.

The reporting style should be clear and accessible. References to sources used such as interviews, literature, legal frameworks, and reports must be provided. The format of the report should be standard 12 pt. font, Gill Sans MT, standard spacing and heading. Report with the attachments as per the ToR is to be delivered in English language.

3.2 Confidentiality of information: All documents and data collected will be treated as confidential and used solely to facilitate the analysis. Interviewees will not be quoted in the reports without their permission. All data and information provided is to be delivered to Save the Children to be stored safely in line with policies in place.

3.3 Intellectual Property Rights: SCiK reserves all intellectual property rights in relation to this baseline study and all related documents and data. No copies of this report or data shall be used, reproduced or shared with other parties without written authorization of SCiK.

4. Consultancy Duration and Timeframe

The baseline report must be completed by November 30, 2017, and is expected to be completed in up to 8 working days.  All preparation, adaptation/development of the assessment tools, actual field work, data analysis and reviewing of the final report must be completed within the stated timeframe.

5. Qualifications of the independent consultant / research company

The independent consultant / research company interested in conducting this baseline study should have the following qualifications:

  • Thorough understanding and experience of conducting baseline research of similar projects
  • Proposed researcher/research team members should have Master Degree in one of the following fields: social sciences, public administration, non-governmental studies, managerial studies; human rights, economics and policy studies, development studies and interdisciplinary studies (PhD preferred).
  • Proven experience in producing quality program analysis and reports.
  • Ability to deliver a high quality product in a timely manner.
  • Excellent command of English and Moldovan and/ or Romanian (written/spoken).
  • Ability to generate datasets convertible to different programs (Excel, SPSS, etc.).
  • Ability to produce visual presentation of data including tables and graphs.
  • Ability to produce well-written reports, in reader-friendly format, demonstrating excellent analytical and communication skills in English language.

6. Save the Children Child Safeguarding Policy:

As a condition of entering into a consultancy agreement the independent research company must sign Save the Children International Child Safeguarding Policy and abide by the terms and conditions thereof.

7. Application

Please send your Expression of Interest to the following email: scik@savethe

 Ref: “SIDA REGIONAL CSO STRENGTHENING 2017 – 2021-MOL”, including the following:

  • Expression of interest:  a cover letter with a maximum of two pages which introduces the independent consultant/ research company with an expression of interest to carry out the work as described in this TOR.
  • CV(s) of the consultant/ research team members.
  • Written sample of previously published report of similar complexity.
  • Financial Proposal in EUR: This includes the total financial requirement to carry out the work in up to 8 working days including the detail breakdown of costs for each activity to be accomplished. Please ensure that the offer includes all administrative costs and travel expenses.
  • Payment: the full amount will be issued via your bank account, upon satisfactory evaluation of delivered work and upon receipt of the final invoice issued by the consultant/research company.



Nertilë Latifi

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator.


Rebeka Qena

Programme Implementation Coordinator Europe


Blerim Murtezi

Monitoring Evaluation Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Officer


Ensures coordination and provides information for work, dates and correspondence and be the focal point to the company for the baseline report. 



Ensures all services have been completed as per ToR specification and offers support in regards to communication with project partners.



Offers technical support and assists coordination.




Deadline for Application: 31.10.2017 at 16:30 EET.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Contract - Full-Time

Closing date: Tuesday 31 October 2017

All jobs close at midnight UK time on the date specified

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