Child Rights Governance

Friday 24 September 2021



Terms of Reference


Local company to develop a child friendly web platform to enable learning and engagement of child-led groups in decision-making processes for matters impacting them

1.  Background

Friday 27 August 2021

Grupi i fëmijëve ‘Respect Our Rights (ROR) organizoi kampin ‘Mendo Për një Tokë më të Mirë për Fëmijët’, me mbështetje të Save the Children në Kosovë dhe Syri i Vizionit


Prishtinë, 27 gusht 2021: Grupi i fëmijëve ‘Respect Our Rights’ (ROR) me mbështetje të organizatave jo-qeveritare Save the Children në Kosovë dhe Syri i Vizionit me financim nga Agjencia Suedeze për Bashkëpunim Ndërkombëtar- SIDA, e organizoi dje, me datë 26 gusht 2021 nga ora 10:00 deri në orën 17:00 kampin ekologjik ‘Mendo për një tokë më të mirë për fëmijët’.

Friday 9 March 2018

Save the Children in Kosovo completes First Stage of the CRSA

Save the Children in Kosovo successfully kicked off the process of drafting the Country Strategy Plan 2019 – 2021, by completing the first phase of the Child Rights Situation Analysis (CRSA). The CRSA is a crucial step in the strategy planning process as it provides a baseline assessment of the current state of child rights which allows us to have a more informed analysis of strategic priorities, opportunities and gaps as we create the 3-year Country Strategic Plan.

Friday 6 October 2017


Terms of Reference (ToR) for Baseline Assessment for the project:

Local Civil Society Organizations Strengthening 2017-2021

1. Background   

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Social Accountability (SA) and Community Scorecard training session

On September 25-26, we held a training on Social Accountability (SA) and Community Scorecard. This training session gathered participants from Handikos, RROGRAEK, Nevo Koncept and Save the Children in Kosovo staff. 

What is Social Accountibility?

Social Accountability (SA) refers to a large number of actions and mechanisms beyond voting that citizens can use to keep the state and decision-makers responsible.

SA is an approach towards building accountability: