Child Rights Governance

Friday 6 October 2017


Terms of Reference (ToR) for Baseline Assessment for the project:

Local Civil Society Organizations Strengthening 2017-2021

1. Background   

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Social Accountability (SA) and Community Scorecard training session

On September 25-26, we held a training on Social Accountability (SA) and Community Scorecard. This training session gathered participants from Handikos, RROGRAEK, Nevo Koncept and Save the Children in Kosovo staff. 

What is Social Accountibility?

Social Accountability (SA) refers to a large number of actions and mechanisms beyond voting that citizens can use to keep the state and decision-makers responsible.

SA is an approach towards building accountability:

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Child Rights Governance Progress

Child Rights Governance Program key activities which have been undertaken during the last three months to improve awareness on knowledge on child rights and inclusive processes

Monday 21 November 2016

"Young Voices" Launching Event

Young Voices is a nation-wide survey carried out among 1588 young people aged 12-16 in Kosovo by Save the Children, in order to get their views and ideas on violence, bullying, costs in schools, knowledge about rights, the future and much more. It is the right of the child to express their opinions and views regarding the realization of their rights. Children’s feelings should be known and taken into consideration in all environments which directly have an impact on children’s lives.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Participation Matters

Children from the monitoring child led group “Respect Our Rights” (ROR), a group created and supported by Save the Children in Kosovo were invited to facilitate the process of identifying priorities with other children, from various municipalities, of mixed gender and mixed abilities