Consultant: rights and needs of children with disabilities

Tuesday 25 September 2018





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General information on the project

Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities” is a three-year project funded by the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies (MACP) through Save the Children USA.


The overall purpose of the project is to establish 10 high-quality childcare centres in five countries in Eurasia that provide opportunities for rehabilitation and integration for children with disabilities, through early detection, individual rehabilitation, and holistic guidance and support services for family members. The project started on 1st of January 2016 and is in its third year of implementation.


The project has three main components:

1) Provision of direct services for children with disabilities,

2) Supporting families of children with disabilities so that they can advocate for their children, and

3) Increase capacity and responsiveness of relevant government authorities when children with disabilities are concerned.




Save the Children in Kosova/o seeks to engage a consultant with knowledge and expertise on the rights and needs of children with disabilities in the context of Kosovo for developing:


-  Two (2) concept ideas on the area of Life skills (to enable independent living for children and youth with disabilities).

- Two (2) concept ideas on small income generating projects that take into consideration specific resources that centres have.


- The expert is expected to deliver two (2) workshops (each lasting two days) on the developed concept ideas. During the workshop the expert will develop concrete plans of actions on each concept idea, together with CBRC staff, always utilizing the available resources at each centre.


Expected deliverables


The following deliverables should be produced in Albanian language:

·         A brief written needs assessment on each centre’s resources and opportunities available to utilize project concepts

·         Two concept ideas on Life skills and two concept ideas on small income generating projects

·         Agenda of the two-day workshop for each centre (Ferizaj and Gjakova)

·         PowerPoint presentation for each two-day workshop (adapted to centres’ varying needs)

·         Handouts and workshop materials for participants

·         Plans of actions developed during workshops with participants for each centre (Ferizaj and Gjakova)


The developed project concepts will seek to address the needs identified during the assessment and propose specific actions to be implemented by each centre (Ferizaj and Gjakova).


The consultant is also expected to maintain regular communication with SCiK for content review and approval to ensure alignment with activity objectives.


Duration of the Assignment
The assignment is expected to take a maximum of  ten (10) days during October  2018, including content development and submission to SCiK for approval.


Total Days

Delivery timeframe

Needs assessment field visits (using participatory approach) to develop concept ideas  for  CBRC centres in Gjakova and  Ferizaj


8-10 October

Workshop preparation development of ideas in the area of: Life skills and small income generation ideas


10-12 October

Workshop delivery in the CBRC of Ferizaj


15-16 October

Workshop delivery in the CBRC in the municipality of Gjakova


17-18 October



22 October








The Consultant will invoice SCiK for the fee, in accordance with engagement required as per the timeframe above. SCiK will make the payment through bank transfer into Consultant’s bank account within fourteen (14) working days upon receiving satisfactory consultancy outputs and invoice from the Consultant.


Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required

·         University degree (Masters’ degree preferred) in human rights, management, business and economics, social work or any related field in the social sciences;

·         Theoretical and practical expertise on disability aspects, youth development and rehabilitation programs;

·         Creative, open and acceptance for suggestions;

·         Strong interpersonal skills and consideration of diversity aspects in working with vulnerable groups of beneficiaries.

·         Ability to work under time constraints;

·         Strong analytical skills and ability to produce quality outputs in a clear language;

·         Fluent oral and written knowledge of English and Albanian, Serbian is considered an advantage.




Interested candidates should send:

-          1 paper including expertise and experience in similar scope of assignment within the designated thematic area;

-          Financial proposal for the cost of engagement;

-          A written example of previous outputs produced in similar area of work.


Application should be sent to Save the Children Country Office in Kosovo in English no later than

October 2, 2018 via email



Save the Children focal points



Bleta Balaj

Project Officer in Child Protection,


Rebeka Qena

Programme Implementation Coordinator Europe,



- Guide, supervise and support the whole process of the assignment from the beginning through its completion

- Provide information about the project, key dates and any other required information;

- Provide input and comments on all draft material to be used for the campaign.

- Provide final approval on the final product, including the report.