Earthquake Drill in primary school “Tefik Canga” and preschool “Ardhmeria jone”

Wednesday 7 December 2016

During a damaging earthquake, life-protecting actions must be taken immediately. There will not be time to decide what to do next; everyone must already know how to react appropriately. After an earthquake, further life-protecting actions such as emergency evacuation or first aid administration may be necessary;

Earthquake drills and exercises are an extremely important part of the preparedness plan because they 1) teach students, staff and parents how to respond to the complications of an actual earthquake, and 2) help you evaluate and ensure that all parts of your emergency plan work together, and is a test of how well your staff and students have been trained.

Promoting Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction in preschool and primary school settings in Kosovo” is a project which is being implemented from Save the Children Kosoa/o in partnership with Red Cross of Kosova and Kosovo Emergency Management Agency. A School Drill in a preschool and primary school was simulated an earthquake scenario. Children of the primary school “Tefik Canga” and preschool “Ardhmeria jone” practiced a safe evacuation from buildings with the supervision of teachers and the professional guidance of Emergency Management Agency and the Red Cross of Kosova.


The School Disaster Management Comity (DMC) after receiving the report for evacuation, heavily wounded and trapped children and staff called Municipal Emergency Response Office to assist in this scenario where responders had the chance to test their capacities to respond in disasters: Police were the first to respond by establishing a security perimeter while trapped, and heavily wounded children were rescued by firefighters who submitted them to Emergency Medical Responders for emergency health care interventions. Red Cross volunteers provided psychological support to children while trained educators provided first aid to children with minor wounds and fractures. 


At the end, representatives from the institutions who were part of the drill, discussed on how to improve the evacuation process. The main recommendations were that school entrances should be wider in order to enable an easier access from emergency vehicles. The Preschool Institution and Primary School drill proved to be a perfect opportunity for advocacy, with wider public that raised their awareness by observing the Drill out a security perimeter.