Call for Applicants: Local Consultant or Company to develop documentation of community-based services model for children with disabilities and cost analysis for sustainable funding of such services

Friday 2 November 2018


Terms of Reference 

Local Consultant or Company to develop documentation of community-based services model for children with disabilities and cost analysis for sustainable funding of such services



Save the Children is the world's leading independent organization for children. We work in around 120 countries to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

In helping improve the lives of the poorest, the most deprived and the disadvantaged children, Save the Children throughout the world works in the following areas: Education, Health and Nutrition, Child Protection, Child Rights Governance, Child Poverty, and Humanitarian Work.

Save the Children in Kosova/o (SCiK) works on direct interventions and the establishment of good practices, capacity building of civil society and local duty bearers to respond to the needs of children. We also advocate for legislation and policies that will incorporate inclusive practices and have appropriate financial mechanisms to support systemic responses and therefore achieve long lasting positive changes for all children.


General information on the project

“Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities” is a three-year project funded by the Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies (MACP) through Save the Children USA.

The overall purpose of the project is to establish 10 high-quality childcare centres in five countries in Eurasia that provide opportunities for rehabilitation and integration for children with disabilities, through early detection, individual rehabilitation, and holistic guidance and support services for family members. The project started on 1st of January 2016 and is in its third year of implementation.

The project has three main components:

1) Provision of direct services for children with disabilities,

2) Supporting families of children with disabilities so that they can advocate for their children, and

3) Increase capacity and responsiveness of relevant government authorities when children with disabilities are concerned.


Objective of the assignment:

Save the Children in Kosova/o seeks to engage a local consultant or company to document the model of integrated service provision in community-based centers for children with dissabilities (CwDs).

The objective of the documentation and publication of the model is to highlight best practices implemented in community-based centers of HANDIKOS, running in the municipalities of Ferizaj and Gjakova, funded through this project. The documention should cover description/rationale of services and activities, beneficiary reach, staff and their background, capacity building needs for such services, child safeguarding aspects influencing service delivery, centre’s policies and procedures, and overall functioning technicalities required. It should also cover cost and operational analysis on service provision by community-based centers. The ultimate goal of documenting the existing model,  highlighting the importance and rationale of such services, will seek to ensure sustainable funding.

The overall analysis should reflect actual needs in municipal level with professional input to be gathered by formal service providers and community representatives reached through this project. The publication of the best practices in community-based service provision will be used to raise overall awarness on the importance of integrated services for CwDs and their families.


Tasks, responsibilities and timeframe:

The assignment should be delivered during the period between 12th of Novemberuntil 12th of December 2018, as specified in the schedule below:





Delivery timeframe:


Carry out desk review research of best international practices in community-based service provision relevant and applicable for Kosovo context

2 Days

November 2018


Conduct initial introductory visits in HANDIKOS centers in Ferizaj and Gjakova centers

2 Days

November 2018


Conduct focus groups and interviews with parents/caregivers, community members, and representatives of schools, Center of Social Work, municipal Directorate of Education, Directorate of Health and Social Welfare, Directorate of Finances in each municipality (Ferizaj and Gjakova) to gather their input in informing the documentation

4 Days

November 2018


The detailed timeline to be submitted by the consultant upon consultation with SCiK staff.



Operational and cost analysis of community-based service provision in these two centers

3 Days

November/December 2018


Conduct/facilitate a one-day workshop with project stakeholders and relevant staff of both centers (Ferizaj and Gjakova) in support of endeavours for advocacy on sustainable funding

1 Days

November/December 2018



Develop a final documentation report of best-practices (based on input gathered through focus groups and workshop, including summary of key findings and recommendations)

4 Days

November/December 2018


Total days:




Timeframes are negotiable only if both parties agree.


SCiK will remunerate the Consultant on a total gross fee, from which the income taxes and pension contribution will be withheld and paid according to the Kosovo Law.

SCiK will remunerate the Company as per the offer received, not including VAT.

The Consultant / Company is entitled to perform up to 18 (eighteen) working days. SCiK will make the payment through bank transfer within seven (7) working days upon receiving satisfactory consultancy outputs and invoice from the Consultant/ Company.


Expected Outputs

The expected outputs from the local consultant/company:

·         Develop the documentation design, including the methodology, structure and a detailed plan of the assignment

·         Stimulate discussion on relevant issues with project stakeholders of each center (Ferizaj and Gjakova);

·         Conduct and facilitate the interviews/focus groups/workshop with relevant project stakeholders;

·         Consolidate and draft a final report highlighting best practices and recommendations in friendly user version.


Required Competencies

The Consultant (team in case of a company) should have the following essential skills and knowledge:

·         University degree (Masters’ degree preferred) in social work, psychology, education, human rights, gender studies or any related field in the social sciences;

·         Documented theoretical and practical expertise in research and documentation of practices;

·         Proven experience in conducting operational and cost analysis of similar complexity;

·         Strong interactive facilitation skills and an adaptive, dynamic instructional approach to ensure learning remains tailored to evolving discussions and questions;

·         The ability to communicate technical subject matter (in oral and written form) to people with varying technical knowledge and skills;

·         Excellent command of English and Albanian (written/spoken).  Serbian would be an asset.



Interested candidates/companies are welcome to apply by sending their application no later than November 7th , 16:30h at

a.     Financial proposal including offer in gross amount (before any legal deductions) for each working day in case of Consultant, and offer excluding VAT in case of Company. The offered fee should include travel and communication expenses;

b.     CV individual and/or team members.

c.     Brief proposal (one page) for the methodology, structure and content;

  1. A written example of previous outputs produced in similar area of work.
  2. Companies should also include business & fiscal number certificates (tax certification from Tax Administration will be required, if selected).