Press Conference on Violence Against Children

Wednesday 14 March 2018
Save the Children in Kosovo was part of a press conference on the publication of the document 'Children without violence, a fundamental right' drafted by the Coalition of NGOs for the Protection of Children - KOMF, and supported by the members of the Thematic Group on Child Protection and Welfare within KOMF, which Save the Children is part of. In addition, Leze Qena, a famous Kosovo actress and part of the KOMF Advocacy Platform “Friends of Children” was also present to address issues on violence against children.
The document presents data on the causes and consequences of violence against children, protection of children from violence in Kosovo, services, factors, perceptions and attitudes of children on violence. At the same time, it provides an overview of some of the most important aspects to be considered when developing and implementing policies, providing concrete recommendations on how to achieve these goals.
Violence and corporal punishment of children in Kosovo remains a social norm accepted and applied by our parents and society. Our society regards violence as a method that serves the education and discipline of children. This is supported by statistics stating that 61.4% of children in Kosovo have confirmed the experiences of physical / psychological violence within the family environment during the last month of the interview. 59% of children had been subjected to psychological violence, while 24% of children had suffered physical retribution. (Kosovo Agency of Statistics)
Save the Children urges the government to work more toward banning corporal punishment in all settings, initially by adopting the law on Child Protection, which through legislation then Kosovo will prohibit corporal punishment in all settings. Save the Children remains committed to banning corporal punishment and all forms of violence in Kosovo, while raising awareness on corporal punishment and on alternative methods of parenting practices such as positive discipline in everyday parenting. We are committed in working with local partner, relevant actors and the media in realizing the rights of children for a life without violence, for each child in Kosovo, indiscriminately.