PRESS RELEASE: Save the Children Kosova/o promotes the views of children in Kosovo through the report "Young Voices"

Wednesday 1 June 2022




Save the Children Kosova/o promotes the views of children in Kosovo through the report "Young Voices"


Prishtina, June 1, 2022- People who make decisions about children's lives - at school, home and community - do not always know and understand how children feel and what they want. Last year, Save the Children conducted the 'Young Voices' survey across Kosovo, to give children the opportunity to express their views on aspects such as respect for the rights of the child, security, education, gender equality, climate change and the environment, as well as the degree of their information on the rights that belong to them under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The 'Young Voices' report presents the perspectives of over 1242 children aged 13–17 from 16 municipalities in Kosovo. The data from this report can be used by children as an advocacy tool in their discussions with decision makers, policy makers, child rights holders, civil society and other actors towards respecting and realizing the rights of children in Kosovo as defined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). These findings will be shared with other actors influencing the lives of children in Kosovo, so that they can base their decisions on the direct views of children.

'Young Voices' show that:

  84 % of Kosovar children think that it is important that politicians and decision makers hear what children think.

 “Politicians have considered our needs only when they were interested in winning an election” – 14-year-old girl

 43% of Kosovar children would like to express their opinions in the area of education and their school and feel competent in providing their input and contribute in the process of decision making, whereas 23 % of children would like to express their opinions regarding equal rights for boys and girls. 

" The participation of children at the municipal level is quite low, which is our right that is being taken from us" - 15 - year- old girl.

 80 % of Kosovar children look at their future in a positive way, and 60% of children think they will be

able to find a job after they finish their education.

 65% of Kosovar children declared that Kosovo needs to do more to address climate change and to engage in sustainable development.

"Pollution is normalized" –15 - year-old girl

 35% of children have been bullied or harassed during this year.

"Because of online bullying, I do not have an account on social networks" –14-year-old girl

 Almost 4 out of 5 children experience stress on grades.

"Online learning has been a source of stress, because there have been children who did not have good living conditions and even received poor grades" - 14 year old boy.

 70% of children report being sad or depressed.

“We do not have a psychologist in our school and we really need one to help us” – 14 – year – old girl.

 7 out of 10 children (67%) consider that Kosovo needs to do more to ensure the presence of Ombudsperson Institution in every municipality.

Save the Children Kosova/o, through the report 'Young Voices', considers that real and radical change takes time and there is still a lot of work to be done towards establishing a solid foundation for the implementation of the rights of all children in Kosovo.

Save the Children Kosova/o is committed to and expects from the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, including all levels of legislation and government, parents, families, schools and communities, to establish structures and procedures that will help them take the views of children into consideration and ensure that their best interests are taken into account during all influential decisions in the lives of children.

The 'Young Voices' report was conducted through a rigorous research methodology, which used a child-friendly survey, based on basic principles on the possibility of children participating safely in international research. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the Institution of the Ombudsman in Kosovo. Representatives of about 11 child-led groups established by Save the Children Kosova/o and partner civil society organizations validated the content of the survey, prior to its administration in 24 schools. This is the second time that Young Voices is being realized in Kosovo, the first time being in 2016.

We welcome the coverage of this event and your participation in this press conference, where participants will be institutional representatives, children representing child-led groups, international actors, civil society organizations, representatives of various agencies, and members of all communities living in Kosovo.

Here you can find the full report, brochure, and the video developed as part of the report.

Attached you can also find the agenda for this event.

Thank you,

Festina Kabashi

Advocacy and Campaign Coordinator