Re-call for Applicants: Local Consultant to conduct the baseline study report for our "Action for Inclusive Education” project

Thursday 25 October 2018



Save the Children in Kosovo (SCiK), as part of its “Action for Inclusive Education” project, is seeking for a consultant to be engaged in conducting the current project’s baseline study report structured in the identification of current inclusiveness of 20 target schools and needs assessment of said schools with regards to Inclusive Education through this project’s school cluster approach. This will help shape specific project actions, inform improvements in the delivery of the project during its lifetime, ensure relevance and provide data for comparison at conclusion of the project measuring its effectiveness.


General information on the project:

In the last decade, in harmony with international standards, Kosovo has developed a very strong legal framework that promotes non-discriminatory and inclusive society. More specifically, inclusive education has been at the core of several strategies developed by Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) since 2010. While all the provisions have influenced shifting of CWD from special schools to mainstream education, the overall number of CWD enrolled in education continues to be low, estimated around 1.3-2%[*].

However, following the decentralization of education, the competencies between the central and local governance in education have become unclear. MEST is responsible for the development of policies, curriculum, inspection, and the provision of optimum condition for work in general, and municipalities are responsible for school performance. Nevertheless, due to lack of resources and capacities in schools and municipal education directorates (MED) to deliver IE, and lack of coordination and response mechanisms to support the development of these capacities, the governing institutions at local level and schools are falling short to create quality inclusive schools for CWD and children from other vulnerable groups. SCiK has invested in increasing IE opportunities and practices, in order to increase the access and quality of services for many CWD which are the most affected by the lack of resources.   

The project “Action for Inclusive Education” is a part of the SCiK multiyear IE program that is being carried out in Kosovo since 2009. Initially, SCiK has worked in increasing the capacities of preschool institutions to provide IE and has gradually scaled up and supported pre-primary and primary schools in 14 municipalities to include CWD and other vulnerable groups. Until now, over 800 teachers from 8 preschools and 16 primary schools have been trained in IE methodologies and using Index for Inclusion[†] (IFI) to improve the quality of learning environments. Only since 2013, over 800 girls and boys with disabilities have enrolled into mainstream education and over 1000 girls and boys with disabilities have benefited from non-formal education activities and physical and psychosocial rehabilitation services provided in the community-based rehabilitation centres supported by SCiK.

SCiK has built the capacities of 35 members of Pedagogical Evaluation Teams in 7 municipalities to assess the pedagogical abilities of CWD and provide recommendations for their enrolment in mainstream schools. In addition, SCIK has partnered with MEST to collect evidence on the cost of IE and to inform the revision of education financing formula to take into consideration the needs of CWD. In order to improve education policy making and delivery, SCIK is currently examining the data collection systems on CWD in schools and out-of-school children and supporting the revision of Education Management Information System (EMIS) by developing and testing a tool for data collection, monitoring and analysis on CWD. 

This three-year project targets 7 Municipalities[‡] in which SCiK has already established foundations for IE through previous interventions. The project will build on the existing relationships and capacities, and roll-out best practices in IE to reach directly at least 20 additional schools to improve quality of learning environments for over 24,000 children, of which 365 girls and boys with disabilities. To do so, the project establishes 7 school clusters for IE and will continue to support the capacity development of 7 municipal education directorates and 7 Pedagogical Evaluation Teams.

The whole intervention/implementation is based on the following five key components:

1.     Capacity building of teachers and school professionals

2.     Establishment of school clusters for inclusive education

3.     Rehabilitation and equipment

4.     Networking and coordination


Impact level: Overall Objective 

The project’s main goal is that Girls and boys with disabilities enjoy their right to quality inclusive education, and demonstrate the skills, attitudes and knowledge they need to develop and thrive


Outcome level: Specific Objective

Improving access to quality inclusive education for girls and boys with disabilities to attain their right to quality inclusive education in 7 municipalities, through increasing capacities of schools and municipal support systems


Tasks and Expected Deliverables:

·         Assess current IE level (of most vulnerable groups, including CwD and other vulnerable groups) of 7 new target schools in 7 target municipalities (4 urban, 3 rural) using the Index for Inclusion (IFI) toolkit provided by SCiK.

·         Compose case study: comparative qualitative assessment of the inclusive education system in 2 target schools, through analysis of current practices of Pedagogical Education Team (PET) and Municipal Education Directorate (MED) in Mitrovica and Prizren municipalities (from initializing the pedagogical assessment of the child towards inclusion in education and support provided)

·         Submit Inception report including methodology based on SCIK provided IFI toolkit within 5 business days of signing contract

·         Produce Baseline Report (including annexes, data visualization, databases extracted in Excel) and PPT presentation of findings

·         Periodically report on progress to SCIK representative

·         Submit all deliverables within planned timeframe



This assignment shall be expected to start November 2, 2018 until November 30, 2018.





Delivery timeframe:


Inception Report submission, incl. methodology


By November 9, 2018


Asses current IE level in 7 municipalities and data collection for comparative case study in 2 of the 7 municipalities


By November 22, 2018


Data analysis and report drafting


By November 27, 2018


Addressing comments/revisions by SCiK to submit final report


By November 30, 2018



SCiK will remunerate the consultant on agreed value, from which the income taxes and pension contribution will be withheld and paid, based on Kosovo Law. The consultant is expected to submit all deliverable within agreed timeframe in order to receive full payment.

SCiK will make the payment through bank transfer to consultant’s bank account. The payment will be made upon receiving satisfactory invoice from consultant for each payment. The offered fee shall include all travel and communication expenses.


Required competencies:

-       Experience in Qualitative & Quantitative data-collection

-       Proven experience in baseline-report drafting (attach example of similar previous work)

-       Master’s Degree in Social Sciences

-       Experience in working with children

-       Extensive knowledge on the education system in Kosovo, knowledge on inclusive education mechanisms is an advantage



Interested parties are welcome to apply by sending their application no later than November 1st, 2018 at 16:00 to The application must include:

-          Financial proposal including offer in gross amount (before any legal deductions) for each working day including transport to and from the locations

-          Technical proposal including rough draft of methodology (IFI toolkit to be provided upon selection)

-          Curriculum Vitae of researcher(s)

-          Portfolio and written sample of similar work conducted previously

-          2 references

[†] The Index for Inclusion is a set of materials to guide schools through a process of inclusive school development. For more information on Index for Inclusion please visit

[‡]Prishtinë/Pristina, Ferizaj/Urosevac, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Gjakovë/Djakovica, Peja/Pec, Mitrovica South, and Prizren