Save the Children in Kosova/o seeks better Social Services

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Save the Children in Kosova/o is constantly working to increase not only the quantity of social service centres but also increase the quality of services these centres provide to vulnerable and marginalized people living at social risk. At the same time, access to such services can be crucial for a significant number of people. The lack of specialized social services or limited access to quality social services mostly harms the most vulnerable groups of people such as children with disabilities and children from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, children in poverty, the elderly, victims of domestic violence and victims of trafficking.  Save the Children in Kosova/o has taken the initiative to improve the situation and work towards increasing and improving provision of social services at the local level and central level.

Taking into account the fact that the provision of social services involves a broad spectrum of stakeholders—including civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, government institutions as well as international actors—Save the Children in Kosovo organized the first meeting of the main stakeholders that will further push for necessary changes in the legal, financial and institutional landscape towards better social services for the most vulnerable groups.

On 11 September, the first meeting of the Tripartite Stakeholder Participatory Forum (TSPF) was held in Prishtinë/Priština. The purpose of the meeting was to establish the TSPF as an advisory mechanism designed to support the implementation of the project and to present the main objectives and target groups of the project. Representatives of municipality institutions as well as higher governmental levels, civil society organizations and field experts had the chance to discuss about their initiatives and challenges of providing better and higher quality social services.

Other participants, including external experts engaged in the project, shared their experiences and their current research undertakings related to the project objectives. As part of the project, this meeting served as a platform for future coordination of activities in order to achieve the most effective results.

The meeting was organized within the framework of the European Union-funded project “Support for Better Social Services for the Most Vulnerable Groups”, implemented by Save the Children in Kosova/o in partnership with the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research based in Vienna, Austria.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the effective transformation of the social service system in Kosovo for improved quality and availability of the local social and community based services for children and vulnerable people living at social risk.