Save the Children in Kosovo and Handikos give away 6 new wheelchairs for children in Ferizaj

Friday 3 November 2017

Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities Project is Save the Children’s regional initiative in Eurasia, simultaneously implemented in Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (North-West Balkans), Georgia and Kosovo. Financially supported by Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropist, this project aims to support children with disabilities empowering them to develop abilities, practice independence and enjoy inclusion. It also strengthens families and mobilizes communities to endorse quality services for children with disabilities.

“Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities” is a three-year project funded by Save the Children USA Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies (MACP)

The overall purpose of the project is to establish 10 high-quality childcare centres in five countries in Eurasia that provide opportunities for rehabilitation and integration for children with disabilities, through early detection, individual rehabilitation, and holistic guidance and support services for family members. The project started on 1st of January 2016 and is in its second year of implementation.

The project has three main components: 1) Provision of direct services for children with disabilities, 2) Supporting families of children with disabilities so that they can advocate for their children, and 3) Increase capacity and responsiveness of relevant government authorities when children with disabilities are concerned.

Save the Children in Kosovo/a together with its partner organization HandiKOS is providing these services for children with disabilities and their families in municipality of Ferizaj and Gjakova.

Within the project activities and objectives, today Handikos center in Ferizaj has given away six new wheelchairs for children with disabilities who have been in dire need of a wheelchair.  The new wheelchairs will support children living a more independent life, enabling them to attend school, move around the house, and be active children.

Next week, on November 8th, HandiKOS center in Gjakove will also give away new wheelchairs for children of Gjakova who are in most urgent need of a wheelchair.