Save the Children is looking for a film maker/production company to film a regional documentary, highlighting the results achieved by “Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities” Regional Project

Thursday 22 March 2018

 Terms of Reference

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Hiring a film maker/production company for filming a documentary, highlighting the results achieved by “Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities” Project


1․ Background Info


Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. Its vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Its mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.


2. Rationale


Children with disabilities represent one of the most marginalized groups in Eastern Europe. These children and their caregivers are facing stigma, discrimination, and marginalization in their communities on a day-to-day basis. Frequently deprived of education, services and other basic rights, they are significantly more vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation. Based on conservative estimates there are about 150,000 children with disabilities across the Eastern Europe region. All countries face a shortage of well-trained professionals and insufficient allocation of state resources to care for children with disabilities. Without adequate and appropriate community-based services, many families are unable to support their children’s psychosocial development, physical rehabilitation and inclusion in schools and community life. As a result, children with disabilities are routinely institutionalized and marginalized.


In January 2016, Save the Children launched a regional project titled “Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities” to address systemic gaps by establishing 10 high-quality childcare centers in 5 countries in Eastern Europe (Albania, Armenia, Georgia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina). The centers intend to provide opportunities for rehabilitation and integration of up to 1,500 children with disabilities and their families, through early detection, individual rehabilitation, and holistic guidance and support services for family members.


The Centers are envisaged to be free of charge and to serve as models of all other community-based services for children with disabilities in this region. Most importantly, the methodology of piloted centers will be documented and handed over to the relevant authorities in each country for continuation of services and replication in other communities. This three-year initiative, supported by Save the Children US, represents the first regional project in Eastern Europe with participation of five Country Offices. Rich experience of five implementing countries in the area of inclusive education and social protection is intended to enrich our endeavors in the region and to complement efforts of each country project team.



Success to this date


After two years of project implementation, Save the Children managed to establish 10 high-quality and comprehensive community-based services centers for children with disabilities. The complete list of centers and cities they are established in is below:


















Centers are providing vast array of different services for children with main focus on improving the quality of life and providing skills of independent life and include physiotherapy, developmental, behavioral and occupational therapy, psychological counselling, independent living skills building, facilitating access to other relevant services, support in education enrolment and after-class education support, vocational education and other.  Guarantee for the service quality lies in comprehensive and contemporary capacity building program organized for the centers’ staff that presents combination of well-known international approaches, including successful Save the Children’s approaches and specifically tailored trainings based on existing capacity needs.

Since centers’ establishment comprehensive set of services have been provided to exactly 1204 children with disabilities living in these 5 EE countries.


Apart from children, centers also anticipate parents, caregivers and family members as direct beneficiaries of their services. Families of children with disabilities are facing numerous challenges on macro and micro levels that are affecting their economic situation, internal dynamics, interpersonal relations and general frustration levels, which all leads families to a great risk of dysfunctionality and separation. This is why families having child with disability need all the support they can get. SC centers are the only ones that have recognized this need and started offering variety of services to help them learn about their child’s condition and abilities, available services, theirs and their children’s rights. They are being supported in accessing services and are also being provided with individual or group psychosocial support and counselling to overcome daily challenges they face as family with disabled child. So far, 1006 parents and caregivers have directly received some of the centers’ services.


Apart from children and families, centers are also very well received by authorities and institutions with several of them becoming members of referral systems and networks. Some of them already became part of institutionalized service provision system and are being fully (Bihac and Cazin centers) or partially (Vlore, Durres and Kazreti centers) funded by the state.  Efforts for ensuring sustainability of remaining centers continues, however support they have been provided so far is significant. Hence majority of them obtained either free of charge premises (Ferizaj, Yerevan and Tbilisi centers) or authorities participated in procuring or constructing service buildings (Gjakova and Armavir centers). In all 10 centers Save the Children funded renovation and equipment of premises in line with accessibility and child safeguarding standards.


Purpose of the Service


The purpose is to capture project’s accomplishments and particular social changes or project’s impact in all project sites by shooting two short documentary films: one focusing on the significance and impact of the centers on their beneficiaries, children and parents and the other covering Save the Children’s work at institutional level, by demonstrating the efforts made with communities and authorities to establish and further develop the centers, sustainability elements accomplished and models developed. Both films will be used as documentation and evidence of projects development and success as well for the further replication and fundraising purposes.

The videos will be in English, but they will also be dubbed into the state languages of the five countries to be used locally, namely, in Albanian, Armenian, Georgian and B/H/S (Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian).


Target Audience

The films will target:

ü  Save the Children Members and donor organizations for fundraising purposes;

ü  Save the Children’s general audience to promote the Eastern Europe successful experience in the fields of inclusive education and provision of social-psychological services to CWD-s;  

The dubbed versions of the films will target:

ü  National and local state authorities and relevant CSO-s to promote the replication of the successful experience;

ü  Local private sector for fundraising purposes;

ü  Local public at large to promote the successful models of providing social-psychological services to CWD-s.

Scope of Service

The scope and methodology of the work takes into account relevant Save the Children standards. The individual/s or agency are obliged to develop and deliver a screenplay and plan of the video documentation, as well as to perform filming, editing, translating and dubbing (sub-titling) of the videos into English language, using adequate professional support whenever necessary.


Under the direct supervision of Project Manager, the individual/s or agency are expected to:

·         Develop and finalize the videos’ scripts;

·         Outline a time plan indicating time required for preparation, shooting, editing and
finalization of the documentary videos;

·         Contract local companies, instruct and supervise them to conduct the shooting in 5 countries. In the case the contractor will be from one of the countries, they should do the shooting in that country and outsource shootings in other 4 countries;

·         Develop the editing, conduct the translation of documentaries’ local pieces into English, transform them into subtitles and finalize the rough footages into the final versions;

·         Develop the subtitles of the versions in local languages and to elaborate the sound-on-film process.


Technical requirements

·         The both videos should last up to 5 minutes each;

·         The first video should include the perspectives and views of those project stakeholders and beneficiaries:

a)    CO representatives, program staff;

b)    Center administration;

c)     Center specialists;

d)    CWD-s (preserving the norms of Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding Policy);

e)    Teachers of inclusive classes (optional).

·         Inter alia, the second video should reflect the views and perspectives of:

a)    CO representatives, program staff;

b)    Local community authorities;

c)     Parents of CWD-s;

d)    Center administration, etc;


·         All filming should be done in HD (1920x1080) quality and be supplied as a DVD and also as MP4 version or similar to be used online;

·         Delivery of final version of video reportage together with translation into the official languages of the five countries (subtitles) should be conducted by May 31st, 2018.

·         Video publishing rights and all materials used will be transferred to Save the Children who will hold exclusive rights of transmitting finalized material.

·         Music and sounds effects are required to be bought and a permission of broadcast usage to be ensured, in CD and internet


Provisional timetable (to be filled in by the applicant)  




Information need assessment and data collection


Development of Documentary Scripts


Travelling and shooting







Responsibilities of Save the Children


·         Provide all required background materials in a timely manner;

·         Identify participants for the documentaries and ensure their participation;

·         Facilitate access of the documentary makers to project sites

·         Oversee the service provider by managing the contract;

·         Monitor adherence to specified deadlines;

·         Access to required information;

·         Provide guidance throughout all phases of execution, approving all deliverables, and facilitating access to the project site and interventions.




1.     The scripts of the project documentaries.

2.     Two 5-minute documentary films.

3.     Four pairs of dubbed and sound-on-film videos in four local languages.


The assignment should be completed by May 31st, 2018.



Qualifications, Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required:

·         Proven experience on preparation of video materials and/or documentaries in a sensitive and ethical manner (Links of videos/documentaries should be provided)

·         Experience on working with child right organizations

·         Proven ability to meet deadlines and work under presure

·         Flexibility in responding to the needs of the contracting agency.




Save the Children will negotiate exact number of days of engagement with the selected individual/organization on the basis of the financial offer that will classify the following:




Rate per day










*Add rows as needed depending on the number of activities needed to perform the assignment



Selection Criteria


Save the Children will make a decision on the most successful bidder, subject to the available budget, based on the following criteria: relevant education, relevant experience, concept and cost efficiency.


Particular requirement: No person performing any task for or on behalf of Save the Children must in any way be involved or associated with the abuse or exploitation of children as described in the Save the Children Child Safeguarding Policy.


Submission of application:
Interested candidates should present the document package in English as PDF or MS Word (in a single mail) by April 8th, 2018, close of business day, to Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

The package should include:

·         CV

·         Portfolio (including samples of documentaries/videos that were produced previously)

·         Letter of interest

·         Concepts (Visions and structure for 2 documentaries - up to two paragraphs each)

·         Budget

·         Timetable/activity plan


Please ensure that the subject line of the application includes: reference number PR/MEEE/CBSCWD/2018/03 and “Community Based Services for Children with Disabilities Project.

Where possible, candidates should submit evidences of similar previous work as laid out in this Terms of Reference with their application.

A statement of availability and commitment to undertake and complete the project within the indicated time will be required.