SCIK celebrates 100 years Save the Children

Friday 8 November 2019
Last week, Save the Children in Kosovo organized an event to celebrate our 100th year anniversary together with our partners, supporters and children. We were honoured to share the vision of our founder, Eglantyne Jebb and present our commitment to working to make sure that all children attain their right to survival, protection, development and participation. 
Mr. Ahmet Kryeziu, Country Director at Save the Children in Kosovo stated:

Save the Children just became 100 years old. Our journey on delivering child rights has been far from easy – but it started as the right thing to do - supporting children to survive, learn, and be protected. Today, we remain determined to continue doing the right thing – making rights a reality for Every Last Child in Kosovo

While Vesa Vishaj, child representative of the child-led group Respect Our Right said:

Our needs, characteristics, and abilities may be different, but our dreams and aspirations are the same. Around every corner of the world, we stand up with the same purpose – to seek the respect of every citizen for our rights. I take this opportunity to invite you to have in mind the best interest of girls and boys in Kosovo as you handle your daily valuable tasks, in every setting and institution. We invite you to hold our safety, education, and well-being as your priority.  

You can find the full coverage of the event following this link.