Social Accountability (SA) and Community Scorecard training session

Wednesday 27 September 2017

On September 25-26, we held a training on Social Accountability (SA) and Community Scorecard. This training session gathered participants from Handikos, RROGRAEK, Nevo Koncept and Save the Children in Kosovo staff. 

What is Social Accountibility?

Social Accountability (SA) refers to a large number of actions and mechanisms beyond voting that citizens can use to keep the state and decision-makers responsible.

SA is an approach towards building accountability:

• That depends on civil engagement,
• Where ordinary citizens and / or their organizations participate directly or indirectly in achieving accountability.

One of the instruments of social accountability is the Community Scorecard:

• Community Scorecard is a community-based monitoring tool that can be used to demand accountability from government service providers. 
•Promotes basic mobilization; dialogue and confidence building between citizens and local government institutions; and addresses issues that are visible and important to people's daily lives (making it easier for citizens to link their engagement with tangible results)

Save the Children and our partners work to empower the community and achieve more transparency and accountability for the decision-makers.