Child Protection

application/pdfInfo-graphics: Support for better social servicesThis info-graphics outlines key information on the 27 NGOs awarded with EU-funded sub-grants under the "Support for better Social Services for the most vulnerable groups in Kosovo" project26/07/2018150KB
application/pdfUdhëzues për prindër: Siguria në Rrjetet Sociale04/07/20184MB
application/pdfUdhëzues për fëmijë: Siguria në Rrjetet Sociale04/07/20184MB
application/pdfRoad Safety Campaign Week 4: Drowsy Driving02/07/20182MB
application/pdfRoad Safety Campaign Week 3: Being a Safe Passenger02/07/20182MB
application/pdfRoad Safety Campaign Week 2: No Phones Allowed while Driving02/07/20181MB
application/pdfRoad Safety Campaign Week 1: The Importance of Seat Belts02/07/20182MB
application/pdfMedia Ethics and the Protection of Children's Rights The "Media Ethics and the Protection of Children's Rights in the Media" guidelines and code of conduct is written with the support of Save the Children in Kosovo and the Journalism Department of the University of Prishtina "Hasan Prishtina". This document aims to introduce the media, journalists, and anyone involved in the portrayal of children, with a guide to responsible reporting.02/07/201875KB
application/pdfMACP Campaign HighlightsMACP Campaign Highlights02/05/2018618KB
application/pdfSituation Analysis Report (Serbian)Situation Analysis Report in Serbian19/03/20181MB
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