Humanitarian Response

Save the Children Kosova/o is a full spectrum organization, implementing programmes in development and emergency responses. 


  • Ensure quality humanitarian response to communities and children affected by disasters.
  • Cooperate with other agencies in humanitarian emergencies, ensuring effective coordination with government, communities and children.
  • Closely monitors the political developments, bearing in mind Kosovo's specific socio-political situation.
  • Respond to any emergency that puts at great risk the survival, protection and well being of children.
  • Develop capacities in Emergency Preparedness Response, enabling an immediate and adequate response to any emergency situation that might arise.

During 2013, Save the Children Kosova/o called for an emergency in response to the affected areas of Peja and Klina municipalities  as a result of the flooding in March 2013, which affected many households, public institutions (including schools and kindergartens), and agricultural land. Over the course of a two month period, Save the children supported the rehabilitation and refurbishment of two kindergartens in Peja (360 children) and one kindergarten in Klina (50 children), as well as provision of educational kits for 60 of the affected children in the village of Zajm, Klina. Also, we responded to the Category IV Emergency in Ukraine which occurred as a consequence of a country-conflict. Moreover, we responded to the Category III Emergency in Macedonia, caused by high refugee inflow, mainly from the Syrian conflict.