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27 March 2024 - News

Advancing Equal Access to Job Training for Kosovo's Vulnerable Youth

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering inclusive economic growth and empowerment, stakeholders from across Kosovo recently convened for a dynamic learning and evidence-sharing workshop. Hosted as part of the "Empowerment of Kosovo Vulnerable Communities Through Better and Equal Access to the Labour Market" project, funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) with funds of the Austrian Development Cooperation, this gathering brought together representatives from upper-secondary vocational education and training (VET) schools, businesses, the private sector, and local civil society organizations (CSOs).

The workshop served as a platform to share and deliberate upon the findings of exploratory research conducted to understand the barriers hindering youth from Roma, Ashkali, and Egyptian communities from accessing on-the-job training opportunities. By engaging in constructive dialogue and collaborative problem-solving, participants worked towards identifying actionable recommendations to address the challenges documented in the research.

Key discussions centered on devising strategies to dismantle systemic barriers and create pathways for equal access to job training. Recognizing the importance of inclusive practices in the labor market, stakeholders emphasized the need for tailored interventions that address the unique needs and circumstances of marginalized youth communities.

One of the focal points of the workshop was the identification of specific challenges faced by vulnerable youth in accessing on-the-job training opportunities. From systemic discrimination to socio-economic disparities, participants delved into the multifaceted nature of these obstacles, underscoring the urgency of concerted efforts to overcome them.

Importantly, the workshop did not stop at identifying challenges but rather focused on generating actionable solutions. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions, participants formulated concrete recommendations aimed at fostering a more inclusive and equitable vocational training landscape in Kosovo. These recommendations spanned a range of areas, including policy reform, community engagement, capacity building, and resource allocation.

By harnessing the collective expertise and commitment of diverse stakeholders, the workshop paved the way for tangible progress in addressing the evidenced challenges within the sector. The spirit of collaboration and shared purpose underscored the importance of partnerships between government agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and civil society in driving sustainable change.

Looking ahead, the outcomes of the workshop will serve as a roadmap for the implementation of targeted interventions aimed at empowering vulnerable youth communities in Kosovo. Through ongoing dialogue, advocacy, and action, stakeholders remain steadfast in their commitment to advancing the principles of equality, inclusion, and social justice in the labor market.