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29 November 2023 - News

A Collaborative Journey: Save the Children, EU, Ministry of Justice and Swedish Embassy Witness Impact in Gjilan

Save the Children Kosova/o recently organized a joint visit with esteemed partners, including representatives from the European Union in Kosovo, the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo, the Ministry of Justice and Save the Children Sweden. Together, they embarked on a journey to Gjilan, providing a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the impactful work being carried out by Save the Children in the region.


Exploring ECCD Initiatives in Zheger

The visit commenced with a tour of the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Centre in Zheger. A crucial hub for education, this center plays a pivotal role in shaping the early years of children. The delegation had the privilege of engaging with key stakeholders, including the school principal, community mobilizer, preschool educator, community leader, and parents/caregivers. This immersive experience allowed them to gain deeper insights into the ECCD activities and their far-reaching impact on the community.



Empowering Partnerships

A significant highlight of the visit was the meeting with Sub-Grantees from the Gjilan region. Save the Children Kosova/o, in collaboration with partner Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), is actively involved in the implementation of the project “Strengthening social services provision for the most vulnerable groups in Kosovo, in response to COVID-19”, funded by the European Union in Kosovo. The delegation had the opportunity to closely interact with representatives from organizations such as Handikos Gjilan, Nas Dom, Liria, and PEMA. This engagement facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the diverse services provided by these organizations, further strengthening the collaborative ties between the entities.


A Shared Vision for Positive Impact

The joint visit symbolizes a shared commitment to positive change and a dedication to enhancing the well-being of communities in Gjilan. By actively engaging with local stakeholders, Save the Children, the European Union, Ministry of Justice and the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo are fostering partnerships that transcend organizational boundaries. The holistic approach encompasses education, social welfare, and community development, echoing a collective vision for sustainable impact.