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17 November 2023 - News

Empowering Change: A Step Forward in Civil Society Strengthening

The journey to secure civil society and advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable takes center stage with the recently concluded partner meeting and training for the "Civil Society Strengthening" program, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The gathering brought together the dynamic representatives of the 8 esteemed partners, who collectively shared their triumphs, challenges, and ambitions for the program's advancement.

Collaboration and shared learning were at the heart of the discussions as partners re-engaged with key thematic areas critical to the program's success. They delved into the intricate nuances of Gender Analysis, delved into The Nine Basic Requirements for Meaningful and Ethical Child Participation, explored Accountability Tools and Feedback Mechanisms, scrutinized Environmental and Social Risk Screening, and strategized on Diversifying Fundraising Portfolios. Moreover, the partners reinforced their understanding of Finance & Procurement Procedures, and Fraud, Bribery & Corruption.


A significant highlight of the training was the in-depth focus on Resource Mobilization, where partners were equipped with comprehensive insights into the art of securing vital funding. The sessions specifically addressed crucial elements such as Mapping and Identification of potential funding sources, understanding prevalent challenges, devising effective donor engagement plans, and mastering techniques to secure funding from international donors. This comprehensive approach not only empowers the partners but also lays a solid foundation for sustained impact and growth within the civil society landscape.

The vigor and commitment displayed by the CSO partners in these sessions exemplify a resolute dedication to the betterment of society. Their unwavering passion and collaborative spirit are driving forces that continue to shape a more inclusive and equitable future for marginalized communities.