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27 November 2023 - News

Empowering Voices: Partnership with Child-Led Groups

Save the Children Kosova/o recently organized an insightful workshop centered around the theme of partnership with child-led groups. The event aimed to explore the challenges and opportunities inherent in collaborating with children, shedding light on the importance of amplifying their voices in decision-making processes.


The workshop kicked off with a thought-provoking presentation on the significance of partnerships with child-led groups. Delving into the core principles of inclusivity and participatory decision-making, the presentation emphasized the transformative potential of empowering children to take an active role in shaping their futures. Attendees were enlightened on the various ways such partnerships can contribute to fostering a more inclusive and child-friendly society.

Group Work

Following the presentation, participants engaged in group work sessions to delve deeper into the challenges and opportunities associated with partnering with children. These collaborative discussions provided a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and brainstorming innovative solutions. The diversity of perspectives and experiences within the groups added depth to the conversations, highlighting the multifaceted nature of this important topic.

Children's Ideas on Partnering with Save the Children

One of the workshop's highlights was the segment where children expressed their thoughts on partnering with Save the Children. Through group work sessions, the young participants shared their visions for collaboration and offered valuable insights into how organizations like Save the Children can better engage with child-led initiatives. Their ideas ranged from creating dedicated spaces for children's input to fostering mentorship programs that bridge the gap between generations.

Group Work Presentation

The workshop concluded with each group presenting their findings and recommendations. The amalgamation of ideas underscored the common thread of empowering children to be active agents of change. The presentations encapsulated a collective vision for collaborative efforts, emphasizing the need for open communication, mutual respect, and ongoing support to ensure the success of partnerships with child-led groups.

This workshop contributes to the Local to Global ambitions of Save the Children with specific focus on shifting power to children and supporting locally-led initiatives. Their insights will be part of the Partnership and Localization Strategy which is currently being developed by Save the Children Kosova/o. This serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and collaborations. As we reflect on the insights gained during this event, it is evident that empowering children to actively participate in decision-making processes is not only a right but also a powerful catalyst for positive change.