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12 December 2023 - News

Enhancing Capacities for Social and Family Service Providers: A Comprehensive Training Approach

In a bid to strengthen the capabilities of licensed and relicensed social and family service providers in Kosovo, Save the Children Kosova/o as part of the Project "Strengthening the Provision of Social Services for the Most Vulnerable Groups in Kosovo, in response to COVID-19", financed by the European Union in Kosovo has designed a series of training modules to impart crucial knowledge and skills. These modules address various aspects of social services, including forms of protection, working with victims of sex crimes and trafficking, addressing child labor, case management, needs assessment, and dealing with victims of domestic violence. The aim is to equip professionals from both the public and private sectors with the necessary tools to provide high-quality social and family services to individuals and families in need.

Forms of Protection and Types of Social Services

The first module delves into the diverse forms of protection and types of social services. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of local and international legislation, principles, and fundamental rights related to child protection and social services. The training emphasizes the responsibilities and roles of professionals in responsible institutions, guiding them on effective case management and the essential stages involved in the process.

Working with Victims of Sex Crimes and Trafficking

This module focuses on empowering social and family service providers to handle cases involving victims of sex crimes and trafficking. Professionals are equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical examples, ensuring an understanding of legal obligations in line with international standards and local legislation. The training addresses the appropriate and dignified treatment of individuals who are victims of such crimes and outlines methodologies, theoretical approaches, and interventions for effective social service provision.

Working with Children in Heavy and Dangerous Work

Addressing the critical issue of child labor, this module aims to build the capacity of service providers in efficiently managing cases related to the withdrawal and reintegration of children into work. Participants explore key concepts related to child labor and the negative impacts on the child, family, and society. The training covers principles, processes, and strategies for managing cases of child labor victims, developing skills for effective implementation of case management processes.

Case Management, Needs Assessment, and Individual Plan Design

This training module delves into the theoretical basis and methodological aspects of case management, emphasizing the purpose, values, principles, and implementation methods. Participants gain insights into the importance of communication in the case management process when working with both children and adult clients. The goal is to enhance the overall understanding and proficiency of social and family service providers in providing comprehensive assistance.

Working with Victims of Domestic Violence

The final module addresses the sensitive issue of domestic violence, aiming to equip service providers with the knowledge and practical skills needed to assist and protect victims. Participants gain insights into understanding domestic violence cases in Kosovo, legal obligations, and professional requirements. The training covers appropriate and dignified treatment of victims, work methodologies, theoretical approaches, and interventions, providing a solid foundation for effective ways of working, treatment, and referral of cases.

Over 19 groups, each comprising 15-20 participants, have undergone these comprehensive training modules. By focusing on theoretical knowledge, practical examples, and essential skills, these modules aim to elevate the capacities of social and family service providers in Kosovo, fostering a more capable and compassionate support system for individuals and families in need.