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19 September 2023 - News

Fostering Effective Education through Skillful Classroom Management

Effective classroom management is the cornerstone of successful teaching and learning. It forms the foundation upon which a safe, productive, and nurturing learning environment is built, enabling children to  realize their full potential. Recognizing its pivotal role, Save the Children Kosova/o organized a comprehensive training module tailored to educators from partner public institutions in Prishtina, Gjakova, Skenderaj, Klina, and Prizren, focusing on 'Class Management for Children 3-6'.

Our training module on 'Class Management for Children 3-6' delved into a spectrum of vital topics that are integral to crafting an ideal learning atmosphere for our youngest learners. Educators were introduced to strategies designed to cultivate positive behavior, ignite engagement, and foster active participation among children. They gained proficiency in effective techniques for establishing daily routines, seamlessly managing transitions, and promoting social-emotional development, all while building meaningful relationships with their students.

Furthermore, our training underscored the significance of individualized instruction, encouraging educators to recognize and cater to the unique needs and abilities of each child. We placed a strong emphasis on creating inclusive classrooms where every child, regardless of their background or abilities, feels cherished and supported. Through the cultivation of an inclusive learning environment, we strive to ensure that every child has an equitable opportunity to thrive and achieve success.