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5 September 2023 - News

Kick Off Meeting with Handikos

Save the Children Kosova/o has organized Kick Off meetings with Handikos Kosova, the new partner of "Civil Society Strengthening" Program, which is funded by Sida Sweden.

During these meetings, our partner organizations had the  opportunity to acquaint themselves with the essential procedures and guidelines set forth by Save the Children and Sida. These guidelines are crucial to adhere to throughout the program's implementation and encompass various aspects, including Child Safeguarding, Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL), Communication and Visibility, Donor Requirements, Financial Management, Prevention of Fraud, Bribery & Corruption, and Procurement.

This program is designed to empower Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), enabling them to enhance their capabilities and diversify their expertise, with a strong focus on innovative and child-centric approaches. Moreover, the program's overarching goal is to fortify children's rights, bolster child protection systems, and amplify the voices of marginalized children, ensuring their perspectives are heard in public discourse and civic space.