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16 May 2023 - News

Save the Children Kosova/o facilitates regional workshops with key stakeholders in the field of social services

Save the Children Kosova/o facilitated a series of regional workshops that brought together key stakeholders in the field of social services to identify innovative approaches to service delivery, as part of EU funded Action ‘Strengthening Provision of Social Services for the Most Vulnerable Groups in Kosovo, in Response to COVID-19’.

In total, eight workshops were organized, with a total of 120 participants in attendance. These workshops provided a platform for representatives of Centers for Social Work, licensed non-governmental organizations, and service users to come together to share their experiences and expertise, discuss challenges they have encountered in delivering social services, and identify best practices that have proven effective in reaching the most vulnerable groups in Kosovo.

The workshops were designed to foster collaboration among stakeholders and encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas. Participants were invited to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the provision of social services in Kosovo, and to identify innovative solutions and approaches to address the challenges that have arisen. The workshops were held across Kosovo's regions, ensuring that participants had the opportunity to contribute their perspectives and experiences from a range of different contexts.

Throughout the workshops, participants were able to engage in lively discussions, exchange information and ideas, and learn from one another. The workshops were also an opportunity to highlight the important role that non-governmental organizations and service users play in delivering social services to vulnerable groups in Kosovo.