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1 June 2023 - News

Save the Children Kosova/o organizes activities across the country for the 1st of June

On the 1st of June each year, the world unites to celebrate Children's Day, a special occasion dedicated to cherishing the potential and rights of children. With a steadfast focus on children's well-being, this year we organized a series of activities and events to commemorate this significant day. Our aim was to create an environment of joy, learning, and empowerment for the children who are the future torchbearers of our society. Let's take a closer look at the  activities we organized on this memorable day.

Launch of "I have a Law that Protects me"

Save the Children Kosova/o organized a  media conference where they unveiled a child-friendly guide to the Child Protection Law entitled "I have a Law that Protects me."

The child-friendly guide, "I have a Law that Protects me," is the result of collaborative efforts between Save the Children Kosova/o and the involvement of children themselves. By incorporating the perspectives and experiences of children, the guide is tailored to their needs, ensuring it is relatable and engaging. With the help of adults, including representatives from the Good Governance and the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, and financial support from Meridian Express, this guide was carefully compiled in multiple languages, including Albanian, Serbian, Roma, and Turkish.

Recognizing the importance of equipping children with knowledge about their rights, the guide will become an integral part of the teaching subjects in all schools across the Republic of Kosovo on June 1, 2023. By incorporating this resource into the curriculum, children will have regular opportunities to learn about their rights and responsibilities, enabling them to understand how society should provide a supportive environment where they can thrive, feel safe, and be treated with equality. By educating children about their rights, this initiative aims to foster a society where children can grow up in a healthy, safe, and equal environment.

The launch of the "I have a Law that Protects me" guide marks an important step in empowering children in Kosovo. By enhancing their understanding of their rights, this initiative aims to create a society that prioritizes the well-being and development of its youngest citizens. Through education and awareness, children can actively participate in shaping their own lives and hold duty-bearers accountable for upholding their rights. 

Committee on the Rights of the Child meeting with Child-led Groups

One year ago, a groundbreaking report called the Young Voices report was published and presented to the Committee on the Rights of the Child. This report provided a platform for over 1,200 children from across Kosovo to express their feelings and perspectives on their rights. This year, once again, children have participated in the committee  to ensure their voices are heard and that promises made are being kept. They have sought accountability from duty-bearers regarding their safety, bullying, mental health, participation, environment, and climate change.

In the spirit of ensuring children's rights are upheld, our Executive Director, Ahmet Kryeziu, had the opportunity to meet with decision makers and share the child-friendly version of the Law on Child Protection. By presenting this version, we aimed to bridge the gap between legal jargon and child-friendly language, making the law accessible and easily understood by children. This significant step ensures that every child in Kosovo has the knowledge and understanding of their rights as citizens. Empowering children through education and awareness is essential to their personal development and enables them to become advocates for their own well-being.

As an organization committed to children's well-being, we recognize that the journey to secure and protect their rights is ongoing. We remain dedicated to advocating for their safety, promoting mental health, fostering participation, and addressing the environmental challenges they face. We will continue working with decision makers, civil society, and communities to create an environment where children's rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.

Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons, and Petitions meeting with Child-led Groups

In a step towards ensuring child rights and environmental protection, children in Kosovo have joined the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons, and Petitions. With a mission to advocate for the proper implementation of the Child Protection Law and address pressing environmental issues such as climate change, these young advocates are making their voices heard in the legislative arena.

They bring a unique perspective, having experienced the challenges and needs of children firsthand. Their inclusion in decision-making processes fosters a sense of empowerment, as they actively contribute to shaping policies and strategies that safeguard their well-being.This initiative reflects the commitment of Kosovo's government to prioritize the voices of its youngest citizens and address the gaps in child protection.

Beyond child protection, these children have also taken up the mantle of environmental advocacy. Recognizing the urgency of climate change and the need for immediate action, they are using their voices to push for environmental protection measures. Climate change affects everyone, but it is the children who will bear the brunt of its long-term consequences.

The Human Rights Commission, responsible for overseeing the enforcement of the Child Protection Law, has made a promise to consult with the children on a regular basis. Recognizing the value of their input, the Commission seeks to ensure that policies and actions align with the needs and rights of children.


Animation for Children's Day

Save the Children Kosova/o recognizes that children are not only our future but also the core of our present. It is essential to nurture their growth, education, and development to ensure a thriving society. By providing access to quality education, inclusive learning environments, and comprehensive support systems, Save the Children Kosova/o strives to unlock the potential of every child. They firmly believe that investing in children's education and development is an investment in the prosperity of the entire community.

In order to take this message further, together with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technologu and Innovation, an animation was created. In the video, children advocate for their voices to be heard and for the government to come with policies with children as focus. This video was also transmited on National Television, ensuring that everyone can hear the issues that children face.


Discussion with the Prime Minister and Minister from the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation

Representatives from child-led groups engaged in discussions with Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti and Minister from the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Arbërie Nagavci regarding crucial measures that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo should take to foster positive development, well-being, education, and upbringing for children. 

In this important dialogue, the representatives highlighted the pressing need for comprehensive actions that will have a lasting impact on the lives of children in Kosovo. The discussions revolve around identifying effective strategies to address gender disparities, ensure equal opportunities, and create an inclusive society that embraces the rights and needs of all children.

The representatives emphasized the significance of enhancing educational systems to provide quality education to every child, regardless of their background or gender. They stressed the importance of safe and nurturing environments that enable children to thrive and reach their full potential. These discussions served as a platform to explore innovative approaches to tackle existing challenges and foster a supportive environment for children's growth.


Explore, Create, and Learn

For Children's Day, we also joined hands with partner ECCD centres and public preschool institutions across nine municipalities to celebrate and promote the rights and wellbeing of children. With the aim of fostering a nurturing environment, we organized a vibrant event filled with child-friendly outdoor games and age-appropriate didactic materials. Our overarching message was clear: every child has the right to "Explore, Create, and Learn."

Our event was designed to be an immersive experience for children, where they could engage in activities that stimulated their curiosity, fostered creativity, and promoted learning. Child-friendly outdoor games were carefully selected to encourage exploration and physical development, while age-appropriate didactic materials provided a platform for artistic expression and cognitive growth. By emphasizing these essential aspects, we aimed to inspire children to embrace their innate abilities and potentials.

Collaborating with ECCD centres and public preschool institutions allowed us to reach a wider audience and ensure the event's success. These institutions play a crucial role in providing quality early childhood education and care, and our partnership aimed to strengthen their efforts. By coming together, we could amplify our impact and create a collective movement towards safeguarding children's rights and enhancing their overall wellbeing.

At the heart of our celebration was the commitment to nurturing children's holistic development. We understand that children thrive when provided with opportunities to explore their surroundings, express their creativity, and acquire knowledge. By organizing this event, we sought to promote a balanced approach to education and advocate for the importance of addressing children's physical, emotional, and cognitive needs. We firmly believe that supporting children's holistic development sets a solid foundation for their future success.