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16 June 2023 - News

Save the Children Kosova/o organizes Child Rights Programming and Child Centered Social Accountability training

Ensuring the rights and well-being of children in today's rapidly changing world has become a pressing concern. To address this, civil society organizations (CSOs) have embraced community-driven approaches, such as Child Centered Social Accountability (CCSA), to advocate for children's rights. Save the Children Kosova/o recently organized a comprehensive training program for its CSO partners.


Throughout the training, various approaches and tools were explored, emphasizing the importance and integration of child participation, climate change and environmental awareness, inclusion, and gender equality. This holistic and cross-cutting approach ensures that CSOs are better equipped to hold states accountable for their commitments to children.


By prioritizing the rights and well-being of children and implementing Child Rights programming and integrate CCSA, CSOs ensure that policies, programs, and services align with the needs of children and contribute to their overall development.