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12 January 2023 - News

Save the Children Kosova/o organizes psychosocial support and socio-emotional learning training for teachers throughout Kosovo

As part of the Inclusive Education program, Save the Children Kosova/o organized the MESTI-accredited training on the topic "Psychosocial support and socio-emotional learning" for primary and lower secondary school teachers from 7 municipalities: Ferizaj, Gjakova, Gjilan, Mitrovica, Peja, Prishtina and Prizren.
This supplementary training program was an opportunity for the participants to increase their knowledge and capacities regarding:
✅ Social welfare competences;
✅ Socio-emotional learning competence;
✅ Psychosocial needs, social and emotional well-being and how to recognize them in themselves and in students;
✅ The importance of well-being for teachers;
A total of 439 teachers have been trained to be able to identify signs of distress, clarify the effect of stress and react appropriately.