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10 August 2023 - News

Save the Children Kosova/o organizes workshop on Data Collection

In a remarkable stride towards strengthening social services and ensuring the welfare of vulnerable groups in Kosovo, two workshops recently united key stakeholders from Centers for Social Work, licensed organizations, and the Kosova Agency of Statistics. The topic was data collection for social service users. These workshops proved to be instrumental in delving into the challenges and gaps that currently hinder the efficiency of this process. Through collaborative efforts, the aim is to not only address these concerns but also to forge a path towards a future brimming with data-driven initiatives that can truly transform the lives of those in need.

The backdrop of these workshops is the EU-funded Action titled ‘Strengthening Provision of Social Services for the Most Vulnerable Groups in Kosovo, in Response to COVID-19’. This action stands as a dedication to uplift and support those who are most susceptible to the impacts of the ongoing pandemic.

One of the most significant outcomes of these workshops is the emergence of a framework meticulously crafted to bridge existing gaps in data collection. This framework embodies innovation, collaboration, and, most importantly, an unwavering commitment to safeguarding the data and privacy of the individuals involved. With this framework in place, service providers will be armed with a powerful tool that not only allows them to showcase their efforts but also facilitates a strategic, evidence-based approach to promoting their work.

The workshops have ignited a spark of inspiration among participants, fostering a shared vision of a brighter future where social services are not only efficiently provided but also intricately tailored to the unique needs of each vulnerable group.

This collaborative effort underscores the importance of partnership and dialogue in driving meaningful change. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise from Centers for Social Work, licensed organizations, and the Kosova Agency of Statistics, a holistic approach is being taken to ensure that no aspect is overlooked in the pursuit of enhanced social services.