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20 December 2023 - News

Strengthening Social Services in Kosovo through Monitoring and Evaluation

In the months of November and December, under the Project "Strengthening the Provision of Social Services for the Most Vulnerable Groups in Kosovo, in response to COVID-19," funded by the European Union in Kosovo, Save the Children Kosova/o embarked on an initiative to address the pressing needs exacerbated by the pandemic and focus on building sustainable capacities through comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) training for institutional and NGO stakeholders in Peja, Prizren, Mitrovica, and Prishtina.


Training Objectives

The training program was designed with clear objectives to empower participants with the necessary tools and knowledge:

Developing a Comprehensive Understanding

The first goal aimed to instill a profound comprehension of monitoring and evaluation concepts and frameworks. Participants delved into the intricacies of the Project Management Cycle and the Logical Framework of the Project, laying the foundation for effective project planning and execution.

Building Practical Skills

Recognizing the significance of hands-on skills, the training focused on equipping participants with practical expertise in the design and implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation plans. This practical approach ensures that stakeholders are not just familiar with theoretical concepts but are adept at applying them in real-world scenarios.

Promoting Integration in Decision-Making

A pivotal aspect of the training was to advocate for the seamless integration of Monitoring and Evaluation in decision-making processes. By emphasizing the role of M&E in providing valuable insights for informed decision-making, participants were encouraged to weave these practices into the fabric of their organizations.

Key Components Explored

The training program covered key components vital for effective Monitoring and Evaluation:

Basics of the Project Management Cycle

Understanding the Project Management Cycle is fundamental to project success. Participants delved into initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure, gaining insights into each phase's significance.

Logical Framework of the Project

The Logical Framework provided a structured visual representation, linking activities to outputs and outcomes. This tool aids in aligning project elements with overarching goals, enhancing project planning and execution.

Basics of Monitoring and Evaluation

Participants explored the core principles of Monitoring and Evaluation, recognizing them as integral components of successful project management.

Development and Measurement of Indicators

The importance of indicators in gauging project progress was underscored. The training focused on developing SMART indicators that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Methods and Tools for Data Collection

Diverse methods and tools for data collection were explored, ensuring participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the options available to them.

Analysis and Reporting of Data

Training culminated with a focus on the analysis and reporting of data from Monitoring and Evaluation. Clear and concise reporting mechanisms were emphasized to ensure stakeholders can derive actionable insights.


The training conducted by Save the Children Kosova/o exemplifies a commitment to sustainable change. By imparting knowledge, building practical skills, and promoting the integration of Monitoring and Evaluation in decision-making, stakeholders in Peja, Prizren, Mitrovica, and Prishtina are now better equipped to address the challenges faced by the most vulnerable groups in Kosovo.