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5 October 2023 - News

Unlocking the Future: The Power of Investing in Early Childhood

In a world where the future belongs to our children, ensuring their holistic development and well-being from the very beginning is crucial. The importance of early childhood investments cannot be overstated, and this sentiment was recently underscored at the launch of two crucial documents: The Model of Integrated Community-based Early Childhood Care and Development Centres and The Importance of Investing in Early Childhood. At the launch event, present were representatives from the Minister of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation, head of Municipal Directors of Education around the country, and the directors of schools, where there is an ECCD centre.

The SCiK Project's Positive Impact

The main occasion is the unveiling of the findings from these studies. These findings serve as a testament to the positive impact that the Save the Children Kosova/o (SCiK) project has had on children's holistic development. Furthermore, it sheds light on the transformative changes experienced by parents, caregivers, and educators through the establishment of community Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centres.

The study's findings prove the dedication and commitment of SCiK to providing a nurturing environment for children in the country. By focusing on holistic development, SCiK's ECCD centers have empower children to thrive and reach their full potential.


Informing Data-Based Policy and Decision-Making

But the impact doesn't stop there. These findings will serve as a cornerstone for data-based policy and decision-making. In an era where informed decisions are vital, the data collected through SCiK's project will be a guide policymakers and stakeholders. It highlights the essential role that community-based ECCD centers can play in shaping a brighter future for Kosovo/o's children.

The Model of Integrated Community-based Early Childhood Care and Development Centres

Central to this endeavor is the Model of Integrated Community-based Early Childhood Care and Development Centres. This framework is built upon five pillars that guide Save the Children's interventions in the ECCD field. These pillars serve as a roadmap, ensuring the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals related to ECCD. By aligning their efforts with these global goals, SCiK is not only making a difference locally but also contributing to a more prosperous and sustainable world.


The Five Pillars of the Framework
  • Accessible Quality Education: Ensuring that every child has access to high-quality early childhood education and care services.
  • Health and Nutrition: Promoting the overall well-being of children through proper nutrition and healthcare.
  • Parental and Community Involvement: Recognizing the importance of active engagement from parents and communities in children's development.
  • Professional Development of Educators: Investing in the training and development of educators to provide the best possible care and education.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuously assessing and improving ECCD programs to ensure their effectiveness.

The launch of these two pivotal documents signifies a momentous step forward in recognizing the importance of investing in early childhood. It is a call to action for all stakeholders to come together, support, and replicate the success of SCiK's ECCD centers. With the right investments, guidance, and commitment, we can build a brighter future for all, where every child has the opportunity to thrive.