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30 November 2023 - News

Visit from Regional Director and Portfolio Manager for MENAEE Region from Save the Children Sweden

Save the Children Kosova/o recently had the privilege of hosting Ms. Aneta Sarna, the Regional Director for the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Eastern Europe, alongside Ms. Özge Togay, Portfolio Manager for the same region at Save the Children Sweden. This visit was not just a meeting; it was a convergence of minds, a platform to discuss and strategize on crucial issues concerning the rights and well-being of children.


National Collaborations for Social Impact

At the heart of their visit was a series of discussions at the national level. The Save the Children team engaged with government officials, including the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Labour, and Social Welfare. Together, they explored collaborative initiatives social services and social protection. The emphasis on dialogue at this level reflects a commitment to fostering partnerships that transcend organizational boundaries for the greater good.



Inclusive Dialogues

The visit also included meetings with international stakeholders, creating a space for greater collaboration. Furthermore, Save the Children Kosova/o actively sought the perspectives of those directly impacted, engaging with child-led groups. This inclusive approach extended to interactions with civil society organizations, showcasing a belief in the power of collective action. By including diverse voices in the conversation, the visit underscored the significance of collaboration in addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by vulnerable populations.


Commitment to Positive Change

The overarching theme of the visit was a shared dedication to effecting positive change. Save the Children Kosova/o, Ms. Sarna, and Ms. Togay demonstrated that meaningful collaboration is the cornerstone of impactful initiatives. Their commitment extends beyond gender lines, encompassing the well-being of girls, boys, women, and men. By acknowledging and addressing the unique needs of each group, Save the Children is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.


Shaping a Future of Rights and Fulfillment

Collectively, the efforts of Save the Children Kosova/o, Ms. Aneta Sarna, and Ms. Özge Togay are directed towards shaping a future where the rights of every child are not just acknowledged but safeguarded and realized. This collaborative approach, engaging stakeholders at all levels, serves as a beacon of hope for vulnerable populations.


In the journey towards ensuring every child's rights are protected and fulfilled, partnerships at both national and international levels play a pivotal role. Save the Children Kosova/o continues to be a driving force in this endeavor, championing the rights of the most vulnerable and working towards a future where every child can thrive.