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Health & Nutrition

Health and Nutrition theme is new profile of work for the Save the Children Kosova/o program and it complements the efforts of other themes to achieve results in our breakthrough areas to empower poor households and children to exercise demand for healthcare, education, and social welfare services.  Through health program, we aim to play an active role to increase the awareness of health and determinants of health and well-being of children aged 0-6, specifically children from vulnerable communities in Kosovo: poor, rural, marginalized children. Our public awareness campaigns aim to shape social perceptions, attitudes, traditions, customs, behavior and practices on health and healthy lifestyle. Save the Children Kosova/o is working in partnership, starting with local partners, Ministry of Health, Municipal Departments of Health, Education and Social Welfare, schools, kindergarten’s, parents and children themselves.

The overall goal of our program in Health is to improve child health and development outcomes and care-giving practices for young children (0-6 years) through increased access to essential health and pre-school education services, early childhood development programs, and better parental engagement and support. We aim to increase access to and availability of essential health and ECCD opportunities that directly support young children’s well-being and development, especially the most vulnerable groups, by strengthening and supporting capacities of Primary Health Care centers and managerial capacities at municipal level. In addition, we aim to improve quality of child health and early learning in the home, centers and schools that protect and promote children’s cognitive, socio-emotional, language and physical development as well as improve child health and ECCD knowledge, attitudes and practices among parents/caregivers, health, education, and social welfare staff, and community members.