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23 July 2020 - News

Save the Children and Syri i Vizioni hold the conference on the passing of Child Protection Law. Inter-institutional engagement and mobilization is required for law enforcement

On the occasion of the passing of Child Protection Law, Save the Children, the office in Kosovo in partnership with the Eye of Vision organization and in cooperation with the Office for Good Governance and the Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights, Gender Equality, Persons with Disabilities Pagetur and Petitione organized a joint conference. The purpose of this conference is to note and promote the Law on Child Protection and the actions that must be taken immediately by the institutions, against the implementation of this Law.

During this conference, the local director of Save the Children in Kosovo, Mr. Ahmet Kryeziu expressed his happiness for the passing of Child Protection Law, emphasizing the contribution of the organization Save the Children in Kosovo. According to Mr. Kryeziu called for the inclusion of children in all processes so that children's voice and children's participation in decision-making is guaranteed. Mr. Kryeziu expressed the commitment of Save the Children to support the implementation of the program drawn up by the Office for Good Governance in all areas defined as: education and awareness of the law, the drafting of by-laws as well as in raising the capacities of institutions.

"We as Save the Children together with our partners must coordinate our actions so that this law is implemented and serves all children. At the same time, I would like to thank the institutions, our partners Syrin e Vizioni and the Respect Our Right children's group, and I encourage you to continue the work in monitoring and implementing children's rights in Kosovo'' concluded Mr. Kryeziu.

The Director of the Office for Good Governance, Mr. Habit Hajredini, assessed the drafting process of the Child Protection Law as a comprehensive process that included extensive consultation of all relevant actors. According to Hajredini, 'as a result of the engagement of all actors such as civil society, children's groups, as well as good coordination of work with the Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights, we have managed to finalize the Child Protection Law, which now entered into force. Further Mr. Hajredini emphasized the importance of mobilizing all institutional actors to work on the implementation of this law. "The Law on Child Protection entered into force on July 17, 2020. The law regulates the institutional mechanisms for the protection of children at two levels, at the central and local level. At the central level, special bodies will be created, such as the Inter-ministerial Committee for Children's Rights and the Council for the Protection of Children, while at the municipal level, it is required by law to create work teams for children's rights, and they must the Case Management Tables are operationalized", Mr. Hajredini emphasized.

Meanwhile, Yll Kosumi, representative of children from the group "Respect Our Right" expressed his happiness that the state of Kosovo has a Law for the Protection of Children and that children are part of such meetings. Among other things, he also presented the children's expectations for this law: "Our expectations as children are that the law will be strictly implemented and we hope that our state will not stop there, but will continue to contribute to the well-being of all children in Kosovo. We, as Respect Our Right, will constantly work together with our supporters such as Syri i Vizioni and Save the Children as well as the relevant institutions to raise our voice and show that we are ready to fight for the respect of the rights of all children of our country.'' Kosumi said.

At the end of the conference, it was deemed necessary that it is the right time to make the functional institutional organization to address the issues together by maximizing the impact of policies, laws and programs for the protection of children in Kosovo, especially those from the most vulnerable groups. Save the Children and Syri i Vizioni expressed their readiness to cooperate with the institutions in the implementation of this law and at the same time they will monitor the implementation of this law by the responsible institutions.