Through our Education program we aim to improve access to and quality of education by promoting inclusive and participatory approaches to the education of boys and girls from marginalized groups, who are deprived of quality learning opportunities and have the poorest learning outcomes, with a particular focus on pre-primary and primary education, which also contributes to higher quality education for all children. Our work is inspired and contributes to reaching Save the Children’s global ambition for children 2030 by ensuring that most deprived children in Kosovo, including children with disabilities, minority children, poor children, children from rural areas and returnees, will have access to good quality and inclusive early childhood care and development services and basic education. 



Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD)

Kosovo has the lowest attendance rate in Europe and the quality provided in the few public preschool institutions is affected by a medical and caring approach that seriously limit the provision of a holistic service and therefore, a coherent networking and cooperation between institutions targeting early childhood.

In the field of education, Save the Children Kosova/o focuses on early childhood care development and basic education, which consists only from education perspective on pre-school, pre-primary and primary education. Although up to date we made big efforts to improve some aspects of the Kosovar education system, primarily the quality of inclusive practices in pre-schools and pre-primary institutions, we have the ambition to become a stronger advocate for the promotion of Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) in a broader and more comprehensive scope.

Over the last 15 years, one of Save the Children Kosova/o priorities have been to ensure that all children get an equal start in the early years and quality education, whatever their background. Unfortunately, many children in Kosovo do not have access to a quality ECCD programs due to lack of physical infrastructure, discrimination, a shortage of educators / teachers and use of inappropriate methodologies based only on nursing approach and providing only care for children. We are endeavoring to change the situation by supporting preschools and schools through the introduction of new teaching methods and putting children’s needs at the heart of preschool and school management. We have piloted our activities in urban setting of 7 municipalities within existing preschool institutions and in 4 rural settings (in Klina municipality the village of Zajm, in Mitrovica municipality the villages of Braboniq and Vermicё, and in Municipality of Junik), supporting the opening of new pre-primary classrooms/Community Based ECCD Centers, as an entry point to target and involve the local community in ECCD services provision. Three ECCD community centers have been established by rehabilitating and refurbishing existing spaces in local primary schools, while supporting 6 preschool educators and community mobilizers to deliver day to day activities and raise awareness on the importance of ECCD through family visits and parent session, including the development and distribution of awareness raising materials. Moreover, education, health and social welfare providers have supported to deliver parent sessions in 3 ECCD centers and in 8 public preschool institutions, while working on strengthening cooperation between the education, health, and social welfare department at municipal level, in provision of ECCD services for children 0-6. 

Through ECCD project, we aim for children aged 0-6 in Kosovo enjoy their right to physical, mental, moral and social development, enabling them to grow to their fullest potential.


Basic Education

Save the Children Kosova/o runs programmes aimed at realizing their right to Basic Education of the most deprived children, including children with disabilities and children from Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian (RAE) communities, by shaping social perceptions, attitudes, traditions, customs, behaviour and practices, through public awareness.we have been working on inclusive education in Kosovo since 2005, focusing on children with disabilities and marginalized children from ethnic minorities (Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian). From 2011 to 2014 we implemented a program, to promote the inclusion of children with special needs in public pre-school structures located in 8 municipalities. 

The overall aim of this project is to contribute to increase the flow of social and educational services in favour of children with special needs (0-18 years old) in terms of quality in the targeted areas.

We assist national and local education structures in clarifying their roles and functions and effective fulfilment of Inclusive Education by building the capacities of newly established Evaluation Teams at local level; developing and offering tools and methodologies in support of state responsibilities (such as: Index for Inclusion, Individual Education Plan, International Classification of Functionality and Community Scorecard), as well as designing training programs for relevant structures. We are supporting the governmental bodies (line ministries and municipal directorates) to revise the financing formula for inclusive education and support the mechanism to improve data collection of out-of-school marginalized children.

Save the Children Kosova/o has ensured the hiring of additional 7 support teachers in 7 primary schools. Furthermore, we contributed in the drafting of the Strategic Plan for education of children with special needs in Kosovo 2016-2020 as well as in the revision of the parameters for education formula for children with disabilities on Inclusive Education.

We ensure integration of children's right to protection in relevant plans by supporting institutional capacity building of state and municipal institutions and service providers. This means supporting the development of operational framework and making this a life document; building the capacities of educators, teachers and decision-makers as a basis for institutionalization of Disaster Risk Reduction into day-to-day school operations in 8 locations. We ensure that outcomes of our actions are reflected in the Disaster Risk Management Plans to guarantee wide coverage and replication in respective locations. We have expanded our partnership with local stakeholders in the Northern Kosovo, building the capacities of 4 local CSOs and improving their cooperation with municipal authorities and schools.